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What are the steps you need to take for a Startup?

Firstly, you need to choose your product and service it should be unique. Because, if there have number of establish competitor then your fight little bit tough from the very first day.

Secondly, you should have smooth source of fund. Because you need lots of capital for your business operation.

Thirdly, you need a dynamic team who will operate your business fruitfully.

Fourthly, you need to provide easily accessible customer support.

And finally, you need to promote your business very well through online and side by side through some offline process. Like, exhibition arrange, participate in fair etc.

Plan for your Startup
Plan for your Startup


What are the Type of Car Insurance Coverage your must know before buying a insurance quote?

We all need proper transportation from home to work, market, school, college or vacation. Public transport is not always available to all of us. So each of us sometime need to buy or already have a bike or car to travel. This add additional expenditure for us which is monthly.

The price of insurance is based on your experience in driving, state of registation and cost of vehicle. Before buy insurance online you need to have some basic knowledge about it. So search your insurance quote once you have good knowledge of it.

1. Liability Insurance – When you are the cause of the accident

2. Collision Coverage

3. Comprehensive Coverage – other than Collision

4. Personal Injury Protection

5. Uninsured /Underinsured Motorist Protection

But we would suggest to go through your state rules for more information on it. Drive safe and have your quote ready before buying a car. Here in USA it it illegal to keep your car without it even on your garage.

Top 10 Indian Motercycles for Sale in India

Everyone of us love to travel some like to ride car, some love Bikes, but it is not easy for all of us to buy the perfect one to ride for budget. There are many choice between brands and models, we would suggest do a complete market study and buy the one which suit your pocket.

Next is mileage apart from cost of purchase the bike, you should have a deep knowledge of fuel mileage of each Bikes you think to purchase. It is more ever depend on the CC but you should think of your pocket, because fuel is a continious expenses. We have observed many taker who buy a high CC vehicle and then just not able go long drive due to mileage. Insurance cost also a factor to think, because insurance price is high for costly bikes, the more the cost of bike, you have to pay more as insurance.

But finally do whatever your heart says, fulfill your dream, because we came here for one life, Enjoy it.

Name of the Indian Bike Brands are:

  • Royal Enfield
  • Yamaha
  • Bajaj
  • Honda
  • TVS
  • Mahindra
  • Hero
  • Kinetic
  • Suzuki
  • LML

What are things working parents need to know to give proper care to their child?

Money is a one of the biggest concern and need in the 21st century. Every child want proper care and attention from parents, which in this case not happen, but few things really good about it is you will have lot of money for vacations and child’s education.

It looks easy but only working mother can understand how painful it is for leaving her child at home with someone while going office. If your office is close to home, it is an advantage because you can take lunch together, if office is little far (we should suggest drive to home), but in this case mother should know driving car or scooty.

Most difficult part is how he/ she stay at home alone or with someone. You can not leave her alone with the increase of crime in our society, even it is not a good option to have her with someone whom you do not know properly. Better look some relative or distance friend relative or some lady from your native. (Still we have issue in security of child), so please install home security systems like CC TV, automatic image sending device from home to your mobile in regular intervals.

Definitely money needed and we need to be with our child, so mothers can think of starting up something which she can work from home, or try to WFH for your Recruiter.

There are many more concerns and benefits for working parents from which many are good, some are bad, but finally we need to be social and we can do it by balancing both work life and family life.

What are the temples you can see when visit to Odisha?







Odisha is full of temples and known all the world because of Puri Jaganath and Beach. One the most interesting part is Bhubaneswar the capital of orissa or old Kalinga is known as Temple City which have number of small and big temples in it.

Let Pick few temples who are really art pieces which you should see in Odisha:

  1. Puri Jagarnath
  2. Konark
  3. Lingraj
  4. Chandi Maa, Cuttack
  5. Kapilash, Dhenkanal
  6. Maa Samalei, Sambalpur
  7. Tarini Maa, Ghatagaon
  8. Bhatarika ma, Sasanga, Cuttack
  9. Pachimeswar, Dhenkanal
  10. Hanuman Batika, Rourkela