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What resolution you need to take on the eve of International Yoga Day for your health benefit?

International Yoga Day should be an important day in our lives considering the rich heritage that India has in this regard and the importance of this form of exercise around the world right now. However, in order to truly understand the significance of this particular day it is very necessary that you have some idea as to what yoga is. The system of yoga was developed in ancient times in India by sages in order to ensure that people were mentally and physically fit. It was supposed to help people slow down the process of ageing to the maximum extent possible. This remains an integral part of India’s culture still now.

How do yogic practices help you?

The practices mentioned in yoga are all about bringing about a complete change in your system. It includes your mind, your body, and your overall energy system. Yoga is like any other scientific theory out there – as a technique yoga is very practical and systematic. According to yoga, everything in the cosmos is full of life. It could be the biggest of celestial bodies or even the tiniest of bacteria. Modern science also agrees with yoga on many counts like the assertion that even in the tiniest of atoms you get a whole lot of movement.

Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi on the eve of International Yoga Day
Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi on the eve of International Yoga Day

The theory of yoga

The theory is that if there is movement in an atom, irrespective of its extent, there must be some energy somewhere in there. As per yoga, energy is the basis of all life. Yoga says that all matter is bubbling with energy. This energy itself can be interpreted as consciousness and this consciousness is a part of super consciousness also referred to as God reality. This energy can be found in all life forms out there. It is just that the appearance varies from one life form to another.

Position of man in the ladder

Humans are regarded as the highest as far as the ladder of evolution is concerned because it is only them who are capable of increasing their awareness to the maximum level and reach the state also known as enlightenment. This is the stage where he becomes one with Super Consciousness. According to yoga, in order to reach that stage man has to reach the highest level of consciousness and this can only be done when life is lead in a structured manner and with emphasis on self discipline.

Emphasis on principles

The main emphasis in this case needs to be given on principles such as simple living and high thinking. In this case equal significance needs to be given to development of our bodies, minds, and energies. The physical body is supposed to remain active. Your lifestyle should be such that your muscles and joints get enough exercise. It is very important that the exercise does not tire you out and also benefits you. Hatha yoga is such a sort of exercise whereby you stretch your body to the maximum by way of slow movements. In this case, there is a specific time period for which a posture has to be maintained.

More on Hatha yoga

The main purpose of Hatha yoga is to make you more flexible. As long as you are able to keep your body flexible it will remain young. The main focus of yoga is on the spine, which is the axis of the physical body. It can be interpreted as the primary telegraphic pole from which the entire nervous system spreads its wings. If your spine is strong and agile your blood circulation will never be disrupted and there would be sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients all across your body.