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What are the Type of Car Insurance Coverage your must know before buying a insurance quote?

We all need proper transportation from home to work, market, school, college or vacation. Public transport is not always available to all of us. So each of us sometime need to buy or already have a bike or car to travel. This add additional expenditure for us which is monthly.

The price of insurance is based on your experience in driving, state of registation and cost of vehicle. Before buy insurance online you need to have some basic knowledge about it. So search your insurance quote once you have good knowledge of it.

1. Liability Insurance – When you are the cause of the accident

2. Collision Coverage

3. Comprehensive Coverage – other than Collision

4. Personal Injury Protection

5. Uninsured /Underinsured Motorist Protection

But we would suggest to go through your state rules for more information on it. Drive safe and have your quote ready before buying a car. Here in USA it it illegal to keep your car without it even on your garage.