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What are things working parents need to know to give proper care to their child?

Money is a one of the biggest concern and need in the 21st century. Every child want proper care and attention from parents, which in this case not happen, but few things really good about it is you will have lot of money for vacations and child’s education.

It looks easy but only working mother can understand how painful it is for leaving her child at home with someone while going office. If your office is close to home, it is an advantage because you can take lunch together, if office is little far (we should suggest drive to home), but in this case mother should know driving car or scooty.

Most difficult part is how he/ she stay at home alone or with someone. You can not leave her alone with the increase of crime in our society, even it is not a good option to have her with someone whom you do not know properly. Better look some relative or distance friend relative or some lady from your native. (Still we have issue in security of child), so please install home security systems like CC TV, automatic image sending device from home to your mobile in regular intervals.

Definitely money needed and we need to be with our child, so mothers can think of starting up something which she can work from home, or try to WFH for your Recruiter.

There are many more concerns and benefits for working parents from which many are good, some are bad, but finally we need to be social and we can do it by balancing both work life and family life.