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Trump administration’s proposed changes on H-1B visa policy and how they can affect Indians?

When he was campaigning to become the President of the United States of America Donald Trump had promised that under his reign the country would be following a couple of simple rules – buying American and hiring American. Recently, a new bill looking to make changes to the H-1B visa programme has been placed for consideration at the Senate. This has led to reports which state that the President is looking to sign an executive order regarding said issue.

There are a few things that Indians – especially the skilled ones – need to know about the changes that seem to be inevitable down the line. It is expected that Indians would indeed be affected to a major extent by the said changes and their prospects of working in the United States of America could be affected as well.

What do you mean by H-1B visa?

H-1B visa is based on employment and can be categorized as a non-immigrant visa. It is provided to temporary workers. In order for you to get the visa your employer needs to offer you a temporary working opportunity in the United States and also apply with the United States Immigration Department. This process can also be termed as H-1B visa petition.

Status of these visas

As far as work visas are concerned H-1B happens to be the most sought after. In 2016, as per the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, there were 236,000 applications for these visas and that too within five days of the process being opened. In the general category the maximum number of applications that can be sent is 65,000. As can be seen, this number is easily more than thrice than innigration said number.

Trump administration changes on H-1B visa policy
Trump administration changes on H-1B visa policy

What changes are being proposed to the same?

Senators of the United States of America have brought about various bills that have sought to make different changes to the H-1B visas, as well as the L-1 visas. They have asked to double the minimum salary of visa holders to 130,000 dollars. 20 per cent of the visas are supposed to be set apart for employers of startups and smaller enterprises. They have also said that the “per country” cap should be done away with so that equal distribution of same can be ensured.

Firms that are now hiring holders of H-1B visas first need to make a concerted effort to hire an American. Students who have been educated in the United States need to be given preference instead of using the computerized lottery system. Outsourcing companies that get in workers for temporary training and then send them back to their home countries in order to do the same work are now going to face tough times if the proposed changes are agreed upon.

In the same way, spouses of people who have H-1B visas may not be given permission to work in the United States of America. If a company has more than 50 employees and if at least 50 per cent of them have L-1 or H-1B visas then they would be barred from hiring more people on H-1B visas. The Department of Labor will also be asked to tighten its vetting and audit rules in order to come down on misuse or fraud of these visa applications.

Who are looking for reforms?

Darrell Issa, a Republican Congressman from California, is one of the first people to have spoken out on the issue. He has revived a legislation in order to plug the loopholes that are there in the immigration of high-skilled professionals and make sure that American jobs are not going outside the country. Also in this list are Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, and Richard Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois.

List some Stress-less Jobs which help to lead your life easily

Stress is one of the most debilitating factors of modern life that affect most people in some way or another. Not only stress makes it difficult for people to attain complete mental peace but it also affects one’s physical health in more ways than one. People have jobs that they need to maintain so that they can pay their bills and provide for their families. However, what their jobs might require them to do can be stressful to them for a number of different factors. Sometimes pressures in the workplace can also add to that stress, making it difficult for people to think clearly after a day’s work. It is therefore not surprising that many people are now looking to opt for stress-free jobs that allow them to earn well while at the same time keep their minds and bodies free of tension, anxiety and stress that goes with it.

Here is a list of stress-free jobs that a person can choose from when he or she wants to lead a more peaceful life.

Material scientists

A material scientist studies and carries out research on substances at their molecular and atomic levels to determine the ways in which they react with each other. This knowledge is then further used for developing different types of new products.


The role of geographers comprises of studying the natural world and various areas of the Earth’s surface, carry out research on the physical aspects and features of a region and also find out how human activities affect the natural aspects of that region.


Orthodontists examine, diagnose and cure different types of dental problems, oral cavity anomalies and gum problems. They also carry out surgeries to realign the teeth and jaw areas to make sure that these parts of the body work perfectly. They also help to make sure that the appearance of the dental areas can be improved in order to enhance the physical appearance of a person.

Stress Free Jobs List
Stress Free Jobs List

Naval architects and marine engineers

Naval architects and marine engineers design and develop ships and aircrafts as well as maintain them for utmost performance. They also build aircraft carriers, sailboats, submarines and tankers. Professional marine engineers regularly work on different types of mechanical systems like steering and propulsion. The naval architects operate on the design and structure of the naval systems, such as the stability and form of hulls.

Food scientists

The role of food scientists is to make sure that the agricultural establishments are coming up with food products that are safe for consumption. They take samples from food to carry out in-depth scientific examinations.

Computer hardware engineers

Computer hardware engineers research, design, build and test computer systems and computer-related equipments for industrial, commercial, military, scientific and general usage. Their services are considered indispensable in various industries.


Astronomers observe, research, measure and interpret various types of astronomical phenomena for increasing basic knowledge about the stars and heavens or applying such information for solving practical problems.


Professional economists study production as well as distribution of goods, resources and services. They also help to develop models that would help in studying the economic policies of a governing body or help in developing new policies.


The statisticians make use of statistical methods for collecting and analyzing data and solve real-world problems associated with the sphere of business, the sciences, engineering, or other fields.

Political scientists

Political scientists research and study the origins and development of political systems and analyze their structures and operations to determine current and future trends.

Law teachers

The law teachers teach students about different types of law that are prevalent in a country.