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What are the temples you can see when visit to Odisha?







Odisha is full of temples and known all the world because of Puri Jaganath and Beach. One the most interesting part is Bhubaneswar the capital of orissa or old Kalinga is known as Temple City which have number of small and big temples in it.

Let Pick few temples who are really art pieces which you should see in Odisha:

  1. Puri Jagarnath
  2. Konark
  3. Lingraj
  4. Chandi Maa, Cuttack
  5. Kapilash, Dhenkanal
  6. Maa Samalei, Sambalpur
  7. Tarini Maa, Ghatagaon
  8. Bhatarika ma, Sasanga, Cuttack
  9. Pachimeswar, Dhenkanal
  10. Hanuman Batika, Rourkela