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How to do research on a subject?

Now, most of the businesses run by analysis of data. This can be on any particular subject as per your products or services.

Most of the know at this point we are on top of using data because of high use of the internet. Now more than 3 billion users are using it. As per United Nations Agency number of users rising at a rapid speed.

As per 2017 more than 51% of the population in the world using the service. There is still a scope of more speed because of mobile user percentage all over the world now more than internet user which is around 61%.

Do you know which countries have most internet number? Yes, top threes are 1. China 2. India and 3. The United States.

Few other facts still you did not know. Do you know even North Korea’ all websites are still in Government’s control? Cuba only allows users to access the INTERNET at some dedicated access point set up by GOVT.

All these above factors you know how internet help us to develop our knowledge.

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Data Research

Now let’s discuss how you can research a particular topic.

1. First, go through Govt Websites, I know some of the sites may be updated from long, but you will find authentic DATA.

2. Dictionaries

3. Famous Magazines

4. Reputed Newspaper.

5. Atlases

6. Collect and read books from reputed Authors.

7. Wikipedia

8. Read experts view on the particular area.

9. Do survey online or physically at public places.

10. Prepare questionnaire and collect answer through printed document or email through services like Sendgrid, Zoho Campaigns, sendinblue and Mailchimp.

11. Collect response through bulk SMS.